Always a

Driven by our proprietary SmartResponse™ process, our teams filter bold ideas through the lens of solid research and smart analytics. The result? Custom-made direct marketing campaigns virtually guaranteed to connect with your customers, obliterate your previous controls and set new standards for your organization. SmartResponse™ has never failed to reveal a new way of reaching out to your prospects and spurring them to action. It consists of three phases:

Here’s where we look under the hood. Search for untapped potential in your marketing program. Consider new techniques to reach the deepest parts of your list. Lay out a map of what’s worked before and what hasn’t and see where the compass points. Here’s where we learn about your business, bring in a fresh perspective and find answers you might not have realized you already had.

Phase Two: CREATION.
Anyone can put words on a page or color on an envelope. But understanding the delicate nuance of language that lures readers in, even while pushing them towards action? Graphic executions that create a sense of reality while layering on the subtle dreams of aspiration? That type of creative can only be delivered by writers and designers well-versed in the art and science of direct marketing. The MDI Group’s writers and designers. The same ones that will work on your job until we are all 100% satisfied that the direct marketing effort we create for you is one that will work. No reservations.

Phase Three: ANALYSIS.
At this point, we’ve already learned a lot about each other. But there’s still more to discover. We look at the work process and review the test results with you, paying attention to gross response rates, net pay-ups and overall return-on-investment. We examine program quality including copy, design, list selection, print production and seeding. We decide what to keep and what to jettison. We celebrate our success, but only briefly, because there are greater victories ahead.