Here are just some of the ways you can profit from dPromo...

  • Create a "portfolio pitch" for wealth management.
  • Introduce a parent or prospective student to a college campus.
  • Create an emotional and engaging donor appeal.
  • Run a sweepstakes campaign with fun, interactive games and easily shared content.
  • Present an array of insurance solutions to a new prospect.
  • Customize virtually any acquisition campaign.
  • Add decision-making content to a catalog.
  • Preview live content in a book or music promotion.
  • Increase your newsletter readability with up-to-the minute interactive content.

The revolutionary way  to make your prospect feel like part of the action, not simply a spectator.

What if your target audience could quickly and easily...

  • Interact with your content
  • Take interactive quizzes
  • Watch custom videos
  • View real-time product comparisons
  • Remain involved and intrigued while
    you market your product

That’s the magic of dPromo. It empowers you to capture your audience wherever they are, engaging them with customized content to deliver your message effectively.

What is dPromo?
It’s a digital promotional tool that can be deployed easily through any browser, smart phone or tablet. Through its social marketing, rich media, and analytics options, your prospects interact with your content in a fun, engaging way while you gather data, pitch your product and make your sale. Through this new sense of participation, prospects stay longer, read more, return more often, and enthusiastically share their experience.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
Anyone who wants to add extra pizzazz to their next multi-channel campaign can take their results to a new level with dPromo!